On Monday's "Undisputed," Skip Bayless revealed that his wife was still not speaking to him after Saturday's Game 6 between the Celtics and Heat. Skip Bayless details why his wife has not talked with him since the end of the Celtics-Heat game on Saturday.

Derrick White’s putback of Marcus Smart’s miss in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat did more than just save Boston’s season. It led to at least temporary issues in the marriage of Skip Bayless.

Speaking on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed on Monday, Bayless detailed the immense fallout from Saturday’s game.

“I still have not recovered from Saturday night,” Bayless said. “My wife is still not speaking to me because of Saturday night because I threw a fit. She walked in and said ‘What do you want to eat?’ And I’m like ‘What do I want to eat?!?! Did you just watch?’ I was watching in one room, she was watching in the other. She’s like ‘Yeah, there’s still another game.’ No there’s not. It’s over.”

Clearly amused, Bayless’ co-host, Shannon Sharpe, said “Skip, they don’t wear it like you and I do.”

Bayless then continued to break the game down.

“That game, for me, just might have been the wackiest, nuttiest, craziest game I have ever tried to figure out what happened in. I couldn’t even sleep on Saturday night. I couldn’t figure it out because nothing about the game made sense. The freaking Boston Celtics shot the worst from three they have, all year long. All year long.”

Game 7 is on Monday. Boston is trying to become the first time in NBA history to overcome a 3-0 deficit. Three others have reached Game 7 after trailing 3-0, but all lost. Unlike those other teams, the Celtics will be home for Game 7.

And for the sake of Bayless and his marriage, we can only hope that the seventh game has a more normal, less dramatic ending.

[Photo and Video Credit: Undisputed on Twitter]

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