Shaq laughs off a fart on Inside the NBA

There’s no need for a fart investigation on Inside the NBA. Shaquille O’Neal smelt it, he dealt it, and he admitted it.

Part of what makes Inside the NBA the best studio show in sports is the chemistry and comfort level Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley have with each other. But Shaq may have been feeling a little too comfortable when he ripped a fart on national television.

As TNT began their halftime show during the Golden State Warriors-Sacramento Kings game Wednesday night, cameras rolled into the studio and caught Shaq fanning his area with a pile of papers.

“Ernie Johnson with Charles and Kenny and Shaq who is trying to recover,” Johnson said as he welcomed the audience to what was a presumably very smelly studio. “You’re not gonna order that lasagna anymore.”

“My boy Slice got me some bad lasagna,” O’Neal admitted as he continued to fan his area, spreading the odor throughout the studio. “Sorry about that.”

The hilarity that ensued resembled a high school sports team laughing at the after-effects of being served some bad cafeteria lasagna for lunch. Poor Ernie Johnson, who was stuck sitting right next to O’Neal and his stomach issues for the entire halftime report. At least Barkley and Kenny Smith had some breathing room. Although, when the 7 foot 1 inch, 325 pound Shaquille O’Neal has bad gas, it’s hard to imagine the odor doesn’t overtake whatever room he’s standing in.

“Why don’t you just light a little fire over there,” Barkley said, causing Johnson and Shaq to note that would be a terrible idea. Barkley then asked O’Neal if he needed to take a trip to the film room.

“I already went,” O’Neal said with a curious smile. “I went right here in my seat! Just playing America. Just wanted to make you laugh.”

But was he just playing? It wouldn’t be the first time a sports host messed themselves during a live show, with CBS Sports Radio’s Shaun Morash infamously pooping his pants on-air last year. That’s likely the first and only time Morash and Shaq will be mentioned in the same vein.

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