An image for a 1996 rap single with Shaq and Biggie. An image for a 1996 rap single with Shaq and Biggie. (Shaq on YouTube.)

While Shaquille O’Neal is now largely known for his Inside The NBA analyst role as well as his investments in a variety of different businesses, he’s long had an interest in the music industry. Shaq has continued that recently under his “DJ Diesel” brand, including with a lot of live concerts, but it’s worth remembering that he also used to come out with rap albums. And one of those, 1996’s You Can’t Stop The Reign, has just been rereleased. Here’s more on that, including a track listing, from a release:

Shaquille O’Neal and Jersey Legends Productions are bringing back hits from Shaq’s legendary hip-hop album, You Can’t Stop The Reign,.

Originally released in 1996 during Shaq’s prominence in the league and transformational time in the hip-hop scene, the You Can’t Stop The Reign album was distributed by O’Neal’s own record label, TWIsM. The album paired the Big Man with some of the most iconic emcees of the time including The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Mobb Deep, all of which are featured on the record. The title track, a nod to Shaq’s success on and off the court as well as the musical prowess of featured artist Biggie, became a Billboard Top 100 hit on the Hip-Hop/R&B Airplays and No.17 on the Official Dance Singles Chart.

…The roll-out of the re-release includes:
‘You Can’t Stop The Reign’ (feat. The Notorious B.I.G.) on June 14
Double singles ‘Strait Playin’ (feat. Peter Gunz & DJ Quik) and ‘Legal Money’ (feat. Mobb Deep & Lord Tariq) will be released on June 21
‘No Love Lost’ (feat. Jay-Z & Lord Tariq) will be the focus single released on June 28 accompanying the full album

Shaquille (Interlude)
You Can’t Stop The Reign (feat. The Notorious B.I.G)
D.I.V.A. Radio (Interlude)
It Was All A Dream
No Love Lost (feat. Jay-Z & Lord Tariq)
Strait Playin’ (feat. Peter Gunz & DJ Quik)
Best To Worst (feat. Peter Gunz)
Legal Money (feat. Mobb Deep & Lord Tariq)
Edge Of Night (feat. Bobby Brown)
S.H.E. (Interlude)(feat. S.H.E.)
Let’s Wait Awhile
Can I Play (feat. Peter Gunz)
Just Be Good To Me
More To Life (feat. Smooth B, Bobby Brown & Ralph Tresvant)
Big Dog Stomp
Game Of Death (feat. Rakim)
Outro (Interlude)(feat. Lord Tariq)
Player (Bonus)
Don’t Wanna Be Alone (Bonus)

Here’s that title track, with The Notorious B.I.G.:

As that release notes, Shaq hinted at this in an episode of his The Big Podcast with Shaq, interviewing Ice Cube (who he released “Men of Steel” with for the 1997 film Steel), that dropped on June 12:

It’s certainly interesting to see Shaq bringing this album back, and to see him doing so through his Jersey Legends Productions (which is part of Sports Illustrated owner Authentic Brands Group). And we’ll see how the world reacts to Shaq’s 1996 rap album in 2024.

[Shaq on YouTube]

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