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We’re all guilty of being on our phones a little too much. That’s the nature of society and the business world in 2023, especially if you’re in the sports industry. For better or worse—mostly worse–there are those in the industry who are attached to their phones at the hip, and their screen time is a tell-all journey of how much they’re consumed by their phone.

If you’re an insider, like Shams Charania or Adam Schefter, you’re probably going to be on your phone more than the average person. Heck, Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski have two (!) phones. Charania, who serves as an NBA insider for The Athletic and Stadium recently revealed that on average, he’s on his phone 16-17 hours a day. That’s the gig, the job he signed up for, but still, those numbers seem a little high. He gave a little inside baseball to those numbers, stating that they’re inflated by major events like free agency or the trade deadline. And in that case, his numbers could be up in the 20s.

Folks, there are only 24 hours in a day. But on Monday, Charania updated his Instagram followers on his average stats from the past week: 19 hours, 1 minute.


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The worst part of this is that this is only an 11 percent increase from how much Charania is regularly on his phone. Meaning, that on average, Charania is spending upwards of 17 hours on his mobile device(s). I’m not so sure many would view that as brag-worthy, as Charania has said that he has multiple people in his life, who ironically enough are texting him, to get off his phone or get some rest.

He sure seems to have no problem with it, but I couldn’t even imagine it. I get horrified if my screen time is averaging around nine hours per day, but 17?!? I would throw my phone into the nearest body of water. Not Charania, though. He’s aware of the price he has to pay in order to be atop the industry when it comes to breaking news in the NBA landscape.

For better or worse, this is the path he’s chosen. And it seems to explain why people like Charania are few and far between in the industry.

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