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When NBA rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama made headlines this week for claiming he would never succumb to the vices of athlete stardom, longtime sports commentator Dan Le Batard took aim at Wembanyama’s quiet new hometown as the reason why. To Le Batard, it was obvious and easy for Wembanyama to make such a claim given that he lives in humble San Antonio.

Now, longtime San Antonio sports radio host Mike Taylor is coming to his city’s defense.

“Once again we have an outsider with a national platform that has decided to call our town boring,” Taylor said in a video posted to X. “You couldn’t be more wrong about our city being boring.”

Taylor then turned the knife back on Le Batard and his beloved Miami.

“I don’t know what Miami has that we don’t,” Taylor said. “What’s Miami known for, nightlife? We’ve got it. Lots of cocaine, women of the night, strip clubs? We’ve got plenty of them. Our city’s not boring. It is a bit old school. No question it’s more blue collar than Miami. And it’s quirky, which is why I love it. Which is why we love it. Which is why (Wembanyama) will love it.”

In Taylor’s view, Le Batard is just jealous the Spurs have been blessed by the “basketball gods” and is lashing out. That argument may not quite hold up given the bevy of NBA superstars that have crossed through Miami over the past two decades, but no one can blame Taylor for having some fun.

[Mike Taylor on X]

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