Back in August, NBA talk show host and Twitter personality Rob Perez tweeted that if the Philadelphia 76ers emerged from their endless rebuild and won 43 games (exceeding their over/under of 42.5), he would eat his bet ticket and send a 500-word apology letter to every Sixers fan.

On Monday night, the Sixers beat the Nuggets, 123-104, to record their 43rd win of the season and to his credit, Perez is following through. Though he has yet to swallow the bet ticket, he has already written the letter and begun emailing out thousands of copies.

Perez tweeted at 9:50 p.m. ET Monday night that he had already received 10,000 requests, and that number as surely grown since. He says he sent out a first batch of emails Monday night from an account called and will send more Tuesday afternoon. The process (hehe, get it?) was complicated by the fact that gmail would allow him to send only 2,000 at a time.

The letter itself seems to contain all the resentment of someone forced to send thousands of apology letters to strangers.

“I say this with all sincerity, Sixers fans: Ya’ll are the worst,” it reads. “But so is every dormant fan base when their team gets good. Being insufferable is a privilege that is earned.”

Perez says he will will post the letter on a password protected web page that Sixers fans can request access to in lieu of an email. He has alluded to a hand-written version to be sent through snail mail, but there’s currently no option for that on the apology-letter request form.

Perez’s deadline for letter requests is Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET, so you’re running out of time to sign up, which you can do right here.

Having been officially trumped by The Process, the big question on Perez’s mind seems to be what Joel Embiid will do with the letter, which has already been mailed to Sixers headquarters. The Sixers center liked Perez’s initial tweet back in August and has kept an eye on the over/under total ever since. And given his willingness to mix things up on social media, you have to imagine some sort of shot is coming.

As for the other part of the Process-doubting promise, Perez says he will eat his bet ticket on the season premiere of the “Buckets” talk show he hosts on Periscope with ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth.

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