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It may not have been the attention FS1 or Skip Bayless envisioned for Undisputed, but Paul Pierce undoubtedly accentuated the show by dropping the n-word earlier this week.

Monday morning on Undisputed, Pierce effortlessly blurted the n-word on live TV while sitting between Keyshawn Johnson and Skip Bayless on the show’s set. And on the latest episode of Ticket & The Truth as part of Kevin Garnett’s KG Certified series, Pierce addressed the slip-up.

“Hey, I didn’t say n*****, dog” Pierce could be heard telling Garnett as they made their way into the podcast studio.

“Hey, what they didn’t tell you is the needle jumped,” Garnett said of the live TV mistake on FS1, prompting Pierce to admit, “It did.”

“The needle jumped!” Garnett said again. “Write that part, motherf*****. We selling ads, right? That’s how we do it, we selling ads, right? He was still in podcast mode, man.”

The live TV mistake occurred while Pierce explained why he didn’t think the New York Knicks play was sustainable against the Indiana Pacers in their NBA Playoffs matchup. As Pierce attempted to get Johnson’s attention to read a stat about Knicks guard Donte DiVincenzo, it seemed like he briefly forgot the show was live.

The FCC probably didn’t appreciate Pierce dropping the n-word on FS1. But it undoubtedly brought Undisputed more attention than it’s received since Shannon Sharpe exited Bayless’s show last summer.

“You know what I loved about it?” Garnett continued. “You was passionate about what you were finna to get up. ‘Look, let me show you, look. Man, before this sh*t, this n***** was averaging…’ I saw where you were going. I was like, ‘Yeah, that ain’t for that one.’ Just put that somewhere.”

“I thought I was on Certified,” Pierce said with a laugh.

Despite the slip up, Pierce has been a positive and timely addition to Undisputed, joining the show as a regular contributor shortly before the start of the NBA Playoffs. Unfortunately for FS1, Pierce’s addition hasn’t made the needle jump on Undisputed in terms of their ratings, which have floundered in recent months. But Pierce certainly made the needle jump for Undisputed on social media this week.

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