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Pablo Torre has some ridiculously high expectations when it comes to Joel Embiid.

The TV personality and podcaster, a self-described diehard Philadelphia 76ers fan, appeared on the Dan Le Batard with Stugotz show Tuesday to talk about the team’s 2-0 deficit to the New York Knicks in their opening-round NBA playoff series.

“It’s just obvious what needs to happen,” Torre said. “Joel Embiid needs to step up in a big game. It just sounds like a cliché, it sounds like a cliché and it’s totally true… I’m tired of being the prophet of the process.”

That would be the same Joel Embiid who is the reigning NBA MVP, the same player who has averaged 31.5 points, nine rebounds and six assists in those two playoff games, right around his season averages. That comes despite him playing in only seven games since returning from knee surgery in early February. He is still hobbled, and is also noticeably dealing with an eye issue as well.

“The option is that they rushed Embiid back from his surgery, and he shouldn’t even be playing and that they should sit him,” guest Greg Cote of the Miami Herald told Torre.

“Yes, on some level, yes it’s true that Joel Embiid is playing hurt, Joel Embiid should not be out there, and yet, this is the exact reason that Joel Embiid exists,” Torre responded.

76ers nation, and NBA fans at large, quickly called out Torre.

Steve Conrad Jr., writing for the 76ers’ fan site summed up the thoughts of many: “What a total disaster that video was… I won’t list all the big games Embiid has stepped up in because I don’t need to. I’m just embarrassed that this guy is coming at the player who’s literally injured and did more than enough for his team to win last night. There’s just no shot Mr. Torre actually watched the game last night.”

Other fans were baffled, still others angry, at Torre’s take.

It’s worth noting that Torre has long been an advocate for Embiid, as well as “The Process” that resulted in the Sixers landing him. But when it comes to his own relationship with Philadelphia, there doesn’t appear to be much brotherly love left.

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