Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, and Luc Longley previewing their "No Bull" tour Photo Credit NBL on Twitter/X.

ESPN’s Emmy-winning documentary of the Chicago Bulls’ success in the 1990s, The Last Dance, was largely well-received by most basketball fans. However, players on the team have critiqued it harshly since its release in 2020. And a number of former Bulls players will now have a platform to offer their perspective on a new international tour called the ‘No Bull Tour’.

Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, and Luc Longley, three key pieces in the Bulls’ success in the 90s, are now going on tour in partnership with the NBL to share their collective behind-the-scenes story of the team’s success. And it sure sounds like the trio plans on poking holes in the story told by The Last Dance documentary.

Pippen, Grant, and Longley recently sat down to discuss the upcoming tour during the NBL’s in-season award show. Grant wasted little time to blast ‘The Last Dance’, calling it a “bull**** documentary.

“Well you know me, I speak my mind,” said Grant in the clip. And It’s going to be a no bull**** tour. A lot of people really want to ask us questions about that bull**** documentary. Just come out and get the tickets and you will hear a lot.”

It’s not exactly a surprise to hear Grant in particular coming out against the documentary, as he has done so in the past almost immediately after its full release.

As for Scottie Pippen’s involvement in this tour, it also makes sense considering the pretty drastic strain that has been in his relationship with Michael Jordan for years now, as he has continuously ripped Jordan publicly.

Regardless, it should be interesting to see what new information potentially comes from these three former Bulls, and how they may choose to discredit The Last Dance in the process.

The tour is set to begin on Friday in Tasmania, before heading to Melbourne on Saturday and Sydney next Tuesday.

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