MSG's Monica McNutt and Alan Hahn during the Knicks postgame show Photo Credit: MSG Network

MSG’s postgame show after the New York Knicks matchup against the Brooklyn Nets featured an on-court from Alan Hahn and Monica McNutt to discuss the Knicks’ victory. But in the middle of the segment, the two had a bystander walk in front of their shot, which McNutt was naturally none too happy about.

Hahn posted a clip of the on-air moment on social media, where McNutt could be both seen and heard stomping her feet to try and get the person to not walk through their shot.

Hahn hilariously compared the moment to when a mom stomps her feet to try and get her kids to stop acting up when company is over

“When people obviously walk into our shot, @McNuttMonica stomps her foot like your mom does when you’re acting up in front of company,” Hahn tweeted.

To be fair to McNutt, it is one of the cardinal sins of broadcasting. If you need to get around someone while they are on camera, it is always better to walk in the background of those being filmed or preferably behind the camera entirely

That being said, stomping her feet so loudly that it could be heard quite clearly by viewers at home may even be a bit more distracting than the person walking in front of the camera in the first place.

McNutt explained her reasoning for doing this on social media in response to Hahn’s tweet, saying that she meant for her stomping to be far more discrete than it ended up turning out.

“First of all in my head this was discrete & she would hear the stomp and look up,” tweeted McNutt. Also since we started our day together at 8 AM on Get Up & this was post game, the patience level was low.”

As McNutt illuded to, she also works on the popular ESPN show Get Up, which films quite early in the morning. By the time this stomping incident happened, it was understandable that her patience was indeed wearing a bit thin.

Still, it is quite a funny moment for her. Maybe next time she will try to be a bit quieter when trying to keep her shot clear in the future.

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