lebron james-cleveland cavaliers-donald trump Jun 3, 2018; Oakland, CA, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) speaks to media following game two of the 2018 NBA Finals at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The post-game press conference is an odd thing for everyone involved. Reporters aren’t generally asking questions for the benefit of everyone who might be tuning in; instead, they’re generally asking questions in an effort to get quotes for whichever angle they’re taking in their respective pieces. A dead giveaway is when reporters say things like “Talk about…” or “Describe…” instead of asking a question.

After Game 1, LeBron walked out of his presser after being repeatedly pressed by ESPN’s Mark Schwarz on what was in JR Smith’s head at the end of regulation.


That line of questioning was somewhat understandable; we all really did want to know what JR had been thinking. Although once it became clear LeBron wasn’t really going to entertain the premise, there was limited upside to continuing the effort.

Last night, though, Schwarz once again attempted to push the psychology angle, this time asking for what LeBron had been thinking when Kevin Durant nailed a critical shot, along with what LeBron had been thinking last year about a similar Durant shot. LeBron wasn’t having it:

Schwarz: Describe what was in your mind both tonight and last year when Kevin Durant launched that shot from the wing.

LeBron: I actually think you should be like a psychiatrist. You want to just keep trying to get in somebody’s mind? That’s your whole thing, huh Mark? What’s in my mind? Miss it, so we can get a rebound.

Schwarz: Did it feel like last year to you? Did you think of it in that moment?

LeBron: No.

LeBron’s complete unwillingness to make stuff up in order to satisfy a narrative demand is entertaining, and that it came via another sparring session with Schwarz (two in three games!) is also fun. And hey, he answered the question; in the moment, on the court, LeBron James isn’t going to be thinking about anything but the basketball variables.

At least Schwarz didn’t get hit with the “Be better tomorrow” LeBron dropped on him after Game 1.

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