I know, I know, I know… another day, another LaVar Ball story. But at this point, we need something ridiculous to distract us from potential destruction of the earth and that whole “nuclear winter” thing.

And besides, this is one LaVar Ball story that actually doesn’t feature LaVar Ball! Instead, Kenan Thompson brought the most infamous dad in sports to the SNL Weekend Update special. And it is phenomenal. It captures all of Ball’s ridiculous bravado including his insanely high priced Big Baller Brand shoes and his claims about beating Michael Jordan.

As crazy as it seems, the SNL spoof of LaVar Ball means he’s “made it” as a pop culture figure. And maybe the most amazing thing about it is that this is happening in the middle of the NBA offseason. Can you imagine how LaVarMania is going to run wild when Lonzo is actually playing games with the Lakers and his other kids start getting involved? It’s going to be nuts.

But if we can get the real LaVar to try to pronounce “rhinoceros” like Thompson did it might all be worth it.