Golden State Warriors fans are used to seeing Klay Thompson shine on the basketball court. Saturday night, they got a whole different Klay Thompson experience as the injured player shined in broadcasting duties during the team’s 118-91 win over the Detroit Pistons.

Klay was looking to one-up his previous stint on the broadcast team, which would be a tall order given the great work he’d done with bobblehead rankings. Thompson, who is still missing time after tearing his ACL on November 18, was slated to join the Golden State TV broadcast in the second quarter of action. However, he didn’t actually make an appearance until the third quarter and when he did he came in hot.

Klay then immediately brought his signature panache to the role, giving this Steph Curry three-pointer the juice it needed.

Thompson also laid out his credentials and bona fides, making sure that Warriors play-by-play announcer Bob Fitzgerald knows that Klay is coming for his job, eventually.

He then backed it up with some play-by-play calling, which…is a work in progress.

With his full-time broadcasting career still well in the future, Thompson made it clear that he was coming for the record for most three-pointers in the game.

Where things truly went to the next level, however, was after the game. Pistons player Rodney McGruder did a little jawing with Thompson and Klay effectively ends the guy’s night right here and now.

“This dude might be out the league soon, he’s probably mad about that. Who knows.” OW. He later added, “He over here trying to start something, like he’s a good player of something.” MY GOODNESS.

And then we got to what might be Klay’s strongest suit, the post-game interview. Chatting with Curry, Thompson made sure to only ask the hardest-hitting questions in order to get the answers no one else can.

And in the end, Thompson ended the whole experience by literally walking off after not getting the answer he wanted…

All in all, an extremely entertaining way to watch an NBA game and great use of a fun personality who needs to be connecting with audiences, one way or another. We’re guessing we’ll see plenty more of #ReporterKlay until the day when Thompson can return to the court soon.

In the meantime, we can start thinking about what the Klay Thompson statue will entail.

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