ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins has had enough of the Worldwide Leader's Bronny James coverage. Screengrab: ESPN

Bronny James is a fringe second-round pick.

Yet, the eldest son of LeBron James is the biggest “star” in the 2024 NBA Draft—at least, that’s how the media portrays it. But Kendrick Perkins doesn’t want it to be that way. While anonymous scouts question Bronny’s on-court potential, some media outlets focus on his personality and maturity.

But Perkins isn’t having it, as he criticized both the outside praise and his own network’s approach.

“Let me say this — we have to stop,” began Perkins. “We have to stop as the media and everyone else shining the light on Bronny because it’s other players that deserve our attention, right? The lottery guys. The guys that are actually gonna get drafted in the first round. We’re talking about a guy, a young man that’s possibly gonna go late second-round or not getting drafted at all.

“In my four years of working here, I’ve never sat on the table talking about a second-round pick.”

In contrast, both Chiney Ogwumike and Ramona Shelburne defended the ongoing media focus on Bronny. But that saw Perkins push back again, asking what LeBron, being the NBA’s All-Time leading scorer, has anything to do with his son being at the NBA Draft Combine.

“We didn’t shine the light on Scottie Pippen’s son like this,” Perkins argued. “We can’t move the goalposts and feel like we’re gonna do it when it’s convenient for us.”

It should be noted that Scottie Pippen was long retired by the time his son entered the draft. Bronny’s situation isn’t just about his talent or his father’s legacy; it’s about the ongoing presence of one of basketball’s biggest stars potentially sharing a league with his son.

Perkins wants Bronny to be successful, but he’s also realistic. He understands the pressure that comes with being LeBron’s son, and he believes the current media frenzy could set unrealistic expectations for Bronny’s NBA career.

And perhaps it already has.

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