Kendrick Perkins compares feeling of Celtics' offense to receiving his Ozmepic shot. Screengrab: PTI

Kendrick Perkins had quite the colorful way of describing the Boston Celtics offense — nauseating.

Though Boston came away with a Game 1 Eastern Conference Finals win over the Indiana Pacers, the team’s offense can look “nauseating” at times. Surely they don’t pass the eye test as Joe Mazzulla’s sets can be an eye sore, but the statistics tell a different story.

Still, that didn’t stop the ESPN analyst and former Celtics center from getting some jokes off.

“The Celtics offense makes me feel like when I take my ozempic shot… nauseated! They make me SICK,” Perkins wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Not only is it a hilarious quip, but it’s also quite the self-deprecating admission in itself from the big man. Perkins hasn’t been shy about his use of the controversial weight loss drug, which apparently makes him feel sick. He invoked his own personal use of the drug when talking about Zion Williamson’s weight on a First Take segment.

Make of that as you will.

And while we all had a ball laughing about Perkins’ description of Boston’s offense, the Celtics are still somehow getting results. Weirdly, Mazzulla would probably champion Perkins’ taking a shot at his offense — literally and figuratively — and make some kind of weird remark about it with a stone-cold face, but that’s beside the point.

Boston had the No. 1 ranked offense through the regular season and is No. 2 in the playoffs thus far. It doesn’t look pretty, but they’re getting the job done. Of course, Jayson Tatum shooting 12-of-26 from the floor and 2-of-8 from beyond the arc is going to raise eyebrows, but he scored a game-high 36 points and took over in overtime. As for Al Horford, he didn’t make Boston’s offense look anymore appetizing, shooting 5-of-15 from the floor and 3-of-12 from 3-point range.

But overall, Boston shot 47.5% from the floor, 33.3% from beyond the arc and 80% from the charity stripe. All of those paled in comparison to what Indiana was able to accomplish, but it didn’t result in a win for the Pacers, who gave away the game down the stretch.

So, Celtics fans can breathe a sigh of relief – for now. Their team may be aesthetically challenged on offense, but at least they’re winning ugly. If they can’t find their rhythm, well, none of us will complain about Perkins making anymore Ozempic-related jokes.

[Kendrick Perkins on X]

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