TNT cameras captured Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla giving his team a pregame speech, including a word not usually heard on TNT. Joe Mazzulla tells the Celtics to f****** smile during Game 7.

One of George Carlin’s famed seven dirty words will occasionally make its way into a broadcast of a sporting event on basic cable, or occasionally even network TV. But it’s usually from a live interview or maybe a hot mic a little too close to the action. TNT’s pregame show for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, though, was different.

Cameras were recording the pregame speech of Celtics coach, Joe Mazzulla.

“Last game it took 47 minutes and 59.999 seconds, alright? Tonight, it may take 48, it may take 53, it may take 58. It doesn’t matter. You bring it and you stay in it for however long you have to stay in it for — and you better ******* smile. You better have the most fun you can. That’s the most important thing.”

The f-bomb making its way into the speech is barely notable. That’s not uncommon in sports. In fact, an uncommon pregame speech would likely be one that didn’t include that word.

The fact that this aired — and on TNT, no less — is a bit unusual.

Usually when pregame speeches are aired live, there’s a seven-second censor — for that very reason. Making this even more unusual, this did not seem to be live, or even close. TNT cameras showed the Celtics taking the floor several minutes earlier. And just seconds after this speech aired, the cameras were on TNT’s crew. In the background, it was clear that both teams were on the floor.

[Photo Credit: TNT]

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