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There was a time when podcasters were believed to be talentless hacks broadcasting out of their parents’ basement. Today, being a podcaster might be a credential worthy of being named head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

JJ Redick is the frontrunner to fill the Lakers head coaching vacancy and has been for a few weeks now. And while his playing career, ESPN NBA analysis, and youth basketball coaching experience might be reasons why the Lakers are attracted to Redick’s candidacy, don’t discount the value of his podcasts. The Athletic’s Shams Charania joined The Pat McAfee Show Wednesday afternoon where he was asked about the latest on Redick and the Lakers.

“The Lakers have been zeroing in on JJ Redick as a frontrunner for this job and the belief around the NBA has been, at least in the last few days, any announcement will come after the Finals,” Charania said. “He’s obviously a color commentator for the NBA Finals. But he was the first coach to meet face to face with the Lakers…JJ Redick has emerged himself as the frontrunner for this job.”

Wednesday morning, Redick responded to rumors about his mutual interest in the Lakers coaching job, noting he will address Charania’s reporting after the season is over. While Redick was vague about the Lakers, addressing Charania’s reports after the season fittingly falls in line with Charania’s reporting the Lakers wouldn’t make any announcement about Redick until after season is over.

“The Lakers have been really infatuated with JJ Redick,” Charania continued, prompting McAfee to ask if the Lakers were infatuated with Redick’s podcast.

“That might have played a part,” Charania admitted. “To say you’re not evaluating his IQ and how he speaks…following his career from a media perspective, a lot of respect for what he’s built and what he’s done. But when you see someone speak the way he does, has the relationship with the players, you’re gonna take notes.”

Redick, of course, has two podcasts. One with Tommy Alter and the other with LeBron James. Obviously, it’s the LeBron James one that is probably the apple of the Lakers’ eye. But it will be interesting to see whether those podcasts continue if Redick gets the Lakers job.

Doug Gottlieb plans on continuing his Fox Sports Radio show while serving as Green Bay’s men’s basketball coach. On a smaller scale, weekly radio hits are not unheard of for NBA coaches.  But simultaneously coaching and hosting a podcast with LeBron would be another level of media exposure. And although it would certainly be interesting to watch from afar, it seems like a recipe for disaster.

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