Jeff Van Gundy

ESPN NBA commentator Jeff Van Gundy has spent much of this season, as well as the playoffs, railing against the league’s officiating. During the first half of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets, he was at it again.

Denver’s Jamal Murray was driving for a layup and was fouled by D’Angelo Russell. Murray fell to the ground on contact. 

The play was initially ruled a common foul, but a review for a potential flagrant was quickly announced.

That triggered Van Gundy, saying “This is the overreaction to me, to every time somebody falls down now. That’s why guys exaggerate and embellish their falls. Because they’re always trying to entice a review.”

Not long after that, the announcement came in. Russell was being hit with a flagrant foul.

Mark Jackson was clearly annoyed, quickly asking, “What happened to the game I love?”

Van Gundy took it from there.

“This league astounds me. What do we want D’Angelo Russell to do? Get out of the way?” he said.

And when Mike Breen said that the foul was due to Russell winding up, Van Gundy said, “What wind up?”

Jackson had Van Gundy’s back, saying, “There’s always a windup if you’re trying to block a shot or disrupt it.”

An agreeing Van Gundy then proclaimed “You can’t do it with a stiff arm.”

This resembled similar rants this season.

Van Gundy’s latest rant was well-received.


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