Utah Jazz contest Photo Credit: Alma Bean

The Utah Jazz had a mini-PR crisis on their hands Tuesday night following a controversial ending to a 3-point shooting challenge.

In the third quarter, a fan from the Delta Center crowd had 30 seconds to make three 3-point shots, from the corner, the wing and the top of the key.

The fan quickly knocked down two shots and moved to the corner, where he took five shots. The fifth shot appeared to be almost at the rim when the buzzer sounded, clearly good. The crowd erupted, the fan leaped around in joy, and everyone seemed excited.

Enter Utah’s in-arena announcer, Mike Goodkind, who walked over to the fan seconds later with some bad news.

“We talked to the judges — it was after the buzzer,” Goodkind said.

The arena erupted again, this time in boos, and the fan turned to Goodkind and repeatedly waved both thumbs down.

Of course, an injustice like this is the kind of stuff that fuels social media, and people began spreading a video of the controversy.

Many fans immediately compared the incident to a similar situation in the 2008 comedy Semi Pro, starring Will Ferrell as colorful team owner Jackie Moon.

Jazz officials, sensing a PR disaster, quickly changed the ruling and awarded the fan the new car, from the Ken Garff Automotive Group.

Goodkind, who minutes earlier had been channeling his inner Grinch with bad news, brought the fan back on the court.

“After further review … you my friend, are TAKING HOME A CAR!” Goodkind shouted.

Just to show there were no hard feelings, Goodkind and the fan exchanged a series of chest bumps.

The Jazz ended up losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the 3-point-shooting, car-winning fan and chest-bumping Goodkind delivered some excitement for the home fans.

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