Oct 10, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; Fans hold a flag for the Seattle Supersonics during the fourth quarter of a game between the Utah Jazz and LA Clippers at Climate Pledge Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Gus Johnson has pretty much done it all in his announcing career. He has been the iconic voice of some of the best calls in the history of college basketball as a March Madness favorite. He’s called NBA and NFL games. He even tried his hand at European soccer. And most recently he has served as Fox’s lead voice for college football, most notably calling the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry every year. But in an interview this week, he revealed the one job he’s still holding out for – voice of the Seattle SuperSonics.

Johnson appeared on Brock and Salk with fellow Fox college football announcer Brock Huard and Mike Salk on Seattle sports talk radio and shared his love and appreciation for the city. He even shared that he has a picture of downtown Seattle hanging over his bed. And that if the Sonics were to ever return to the NBA, he would love the chance to have that job.

Via Seattle Sports:

“When I used to do a lot of games out in Seattle, I bought some art from a local artist,” he told hosts Brock Huard and Mike Salk. “I have a picture of the public market (with) Mount Rainier, downtown Seattle, the Space Needle – I’m looking at it right now. It hangs right over my bed.”

Asked if he would ever move to Seattle, Johnson went one better, citing another legend, longtime Sonics play-by-play voice (and former Seattle Sports host) Kevin Calabro in the process.

“If I could, I would,” he answered. “Kevin Calabro is, like, an idol of mine. If there was any job that I would like to have, aside from the Knicks, it would be the Sonics. We get to have the Sonics name back too, right?”

Of course, there’s just one hang-up with Gus achieving his dream – the Seattle SuperSonics haven’t existed since they relocated and became the Oklahoma City Thunder after the 2008 season. Since that controversial move, fans have clamored for a new team that could take on the Sonics name and heritage. But it’s the worst kept secret in the NBA that the league is targeting possible expansion to Seattle and Las Vegas in the coming years. So Johnson’s dream could at least have a chance of becoming reality.

Interestingly enough, Johnson also shared during the interview that his favorite call of all-time also has a Seattle sports tie. He named his call of Isaiah Thomas’ step-back buzzer beater to win the Pac-12 tournament championship game all the way back in 2011. Who knew Gus Johnson had such an affinity for the Emerald City?

“That’s my favorite of all-time for me, personally,” Johnson said. “There’s nothing like that one. I’ve never called a game, that I remember, when a person hit a shot or made a touchdown or something to win the game for a championship. That was unbelievable. That little guy, he was so tough. Man, oh man, Isaiah Thomas, my young ‘Zeke.’ That was my favorite. That is my favorite.”

It’s impossible to think that the moment came 13 years ago when Gus was the voice of college basketball excitement, but it was everything that made fans fall in love with his enthusiasm at the mic.

While we’re talking about dream jobs and announcing assignments, if there is ever a way for Fox and CBS to work out a trade where Gus Johnson calls NCAA Tournament games once again, we would be all for it.