After defeating the Lakers on Tuesday, the Grizzlies trolled both their beaten opponents and one of their fans, Shannon Sharpe.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies met on Tuesday for the first time in more than a month. When the teams last met, the game featured an altercation between several Grizzlies and Shannon Sharpe, who was sitting courtside at Arena.

Tuesday’s game took place in Memphis. As happened in the previous meeting, Memphis defeated Los Angeles.

After the game, the Grizzlies couldn’t help but troll both the Lakers and Sharpe on Twitter. They posted a photo of Sharpe, wearing his now-famous blue cardigan sweater with his right index finger extended. Above his finger, Memphis posted a huge L.

The caption read “big memphis dub. hold dat @Lakers.”

The Lakers had no immediate response on Twitter. At 9:52 p.m. Eastern, they posted the game’s final score on Twitter. More than an hour later, that remained the team’s most recent tweet. So, don’t expect a response, at least not immediately.

The two teams will play again in exactly one week, with Los Angeles hosting Memphis on Tuesday, March 7. No word on if Sharpe, who apologized for his role in January’s incident on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, will be at the arena. Especially with LeBron James out of action, it would seem unlikely — but stranger things have happened.

But if the Lakers manage to defeat the Grizzlies, one can safely assume that some sort of response would come on Twitter.

[Memphis Grizzlies on Twitter]

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