One of my personal least favorite things about social media: negative food discourse.

I’m a big “just let people like what they like” person, which makes the constant “One gotta go!” Twitter deluge on Thanksgiving food items a bit tiresome. (The whole point of having a lot of different things is that everybody can build the plate they want! Not everything is for everyone!)

Which is why Giannis Antetokounmpo’s tweet earlier this week about a non-Thanksgiving food experience was so wholesome.

Giannis discovering food/snack options has been a reliably charming thing for a while now, going back to his famous smoothie tweet.

This, though, was a step up from that: Giannis discovered an entirely new combination of treats. It’s a real leveling up here. And thanks to intrepid reporting from WISN’s Stephen Watson, we got the full backstory as to how Giannis stumbled into milk and (a specific brand of) cookies. Does it involve the wisdom of children? Yes, yes it does.

There are some major Ted Lasso-style feel-good vibes in that answer. Imagining Giannis tossing an Oreo in a glass of milk at first is incredible. But what an adorable story!

This might be the best possible use of a press conference. Let athletes discuss recent snack discoveries. What could be more appropriate for Thanksgiving week?

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