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You asked for this George Karl — literally.

In his new book, the former NBA coach revealed his disrespect for bloggers who “try to trick you into a mistake, so they can make their column or story as spicy as possible.”

Well, as it happens Karl just gave us a spicy topic without even needing to be tricked. He even asked bloggers to “have at” him.

Ripping on Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin and J.R. Smith was one thing, which sent Martin off on a major Twitter rant. Now it’s personal.

I’m guessing Karl went through tons of training when making the move from coach to author. Oh, instead he just got acclaimed non-fiction writer Curt Sampson to “co-write” his book.

Ultimately, Karl is clearly correct. Blogs would be of much higher quality if they paid more. Just look at all the great work Skip Bayless is doing with his $25 million contract.

Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts said Karl should “stay in his own lane,” but I think he deserves a chance to redeem himself. Since Karl is into trashing whomever nowadays, go after Ross from tee-ball, because that kid was an asshole. He’d pick his nose before throwing the ball and I didn’t want that junk in my glove.

Your move, coach grumpy unemployed man.

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