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New York Knicks fans across the country have been dealing with their team’s postseason exit in many different ways. But on Monday, WFAN host Evan Roberts took exception to one method fans of the team have been using that he seems to believe is a bit too positive.

Given the countless number of big injuries the Knicks dealt with this postseason to the likes of Mitchell Robinson, OG Anunoby, and Josh Hart, it can really be argued that the team may have exceeded expectations.

Some Knicks fans are using this as a source of optimism moving forward, saying to themselves that things potentially could have gone differently in the series if they had a healthier roster.

Evan Roberts spoke about this on Monday’s edition of Evan & Tiki, ripping the fanbase for their “thank you’s” towards the team.

“What I do not understand from a lot of Knick fans today is how you are okay. I don’t understand the thank you’s. I don’t understand the tears. I don’t understand the chants. I don’t understand the standing ovations that were given out yesterday. And maybe that says more about me,” said Roberts. “That I am broken as a sports fan. But when my team loses, it doesn’t matter how. It doesn’t matter why. When they lose and the season ends, I don’t sit there and say we accomplished a lot and that was a lot of fun.

“The facts are the New York Knicks got eliminated in the second round of the postseason. The same place they got eliminated one year ago. The facts are, they had a lead in Game 3 with a 2-0 series lead and they blew it. The facts are they got blown out in a Game Seven at home. Here are the other facts. Yes, the Knicks were ravaged by injuries. That doesn’t make me feel better. It never did, and it never will. What I don’t understand about my fellow New Yorkers is what happened to you? Why are we celebrating? Why are we happy? Why are we smiling? Why are we saying thank you? Do I have to be the voice of reason? I’d be pissed! I’d be angry and I’d be devastated that my season ended.”

What Roberts fails to realize seemingly is that multiple things can be true at the same time. Fans can certainly be pissed about a result while also being appreciative of how hard the team very obviously fought in this series while undermanned against a much deeper Indiana Pacers team.

The Pacers shot 67.1 percent from the field in Game 7, which is far and away the best shooting percentage of any team in an NBA playoff game. At some point, you have to tip your cap to the Pacers for playing so well, which is seemingly what Knicks fans are doing.

Yes, the Knicks had plenty of chances to win this series and didn’t capitalize. But that doesn’t take away from what this team has built this season.

For the first time in a very, very long time, the Knicks have a true superstar on their hands in Jalen Brunson who has brought hope to fans of the organization.

There is seemingly no reason that Knicks fans shouldn’t be optimistic about the team’s future. At the very least, they are seemingly in a much better spot than they were a couple of seasons ago.

As you may expect, Roberts received a ton of criticism for his take on social media.


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