Draymond Green appeared on 'Inside the NBA' on Tuesday night CREDIT: TNT Sports

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has never been known as one to pull his punches.

He’ll be sure to let everyone know exactly what he thinks of them, for better or worse.

Green was a guest panelist on TNT’s Inside the NBA on Tuesday night and took multiple shots at Rudy Gobert and the Minnesota Timberwolves during halftime of what would become their third straight loss the Denver Nuggets, continuing his feud with Gobert that has been going on for years and featured Green being suspended for five games earlier this season after putting Gobert in a headlock during a game.

“BBQ chicken is happening,” Green said, referring to the matchup between Gobert and three-time MVP Nikola Jokic.

“This has been the matchup everyone wants to see. Defensive Player of the Year against the MVP and right now Rudy Gobert doesn’t stand a chance. When Jokic’s on the perimeter that’s one thing but you can’t be getting backed down like that in the lane. That can’t happen,” Green continued.

When Kenny Smith said it felt like Green had some sour grapes towards Gobert, Green immediately fired back, “I gave him his credit this year. But, just like Knicks fans, I’m a truth-teller. Right now, the truth is Rudy Gobert don’t stand a chance against Joker, and that’s the difference in this series right now.”

The Nuggets would go on to pull away with a 112-97 victory. Jokic finished with 40 points, on 15-of-22 shooting, seven rebounds, and 13 assists.

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