With the Bulls in Miami tonight attempting to salvage their shrinking playoff hopes (though that would mean they keep their 2021 first round pick).

Trailing by five late, the Bulls forced a stop and Denzel Valentine brought it up the court. With less than a minute left, it was a chance for Chicago to cut the lead to a one-possession.

And then Valentine did this:

Bulls broadcasters Adam Amin and Stacey King were clearly shocked, with King letting out an exasperated “Nooo…” and Amin shouting “Oh my goodness!” as soon as the ball left Valentine’s hand. Considering Valentine is shooting just 32% on the season from deep, not to mention the time and score, that’s an understandable reaction.

When the shot predictably missed badly, all King could offer was just a chorus of “No, no, no, no, no…” while Amin was just as stunned: “That is NOT the shot!”

They’re not wrong, either! Valentine has been a punching bag for Bulls fans this season, and tonight’s game won’t help that at all.

In fairness to Valentine, he’d made three shots from deep in the fourth quarter, which he cited after the game as a reason why he went for that 30-footer. The NBC Sports Chicago broadcast was equally bemused, with Kendall Gill broaching the subject with “What the hell is Denzel doing?”

Will Perdue rightly noted that without Valentine making positive plays prior to that mistake, the Bulls wouldn’t have been in contention anyway. That said, everyone on the panel couldn’t help but note just how horrible that attempt was.

What a highlight, though. It’s rare that a local broadcast would be so clearly shocked by a home team player, but obviously the only person involved tonight who thought Denzel Valentine should or would pull up there was, in fact, Denzel Valentine.

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