When you’re trying to get inside information on a team or player, sometimes the best thing to do is just ask.

During the Denver Nuggets pregame show on Altitude TV, studio host Katy Winge asked game analyst Scott Hastings for an update on JaMychal Green. The 31-year-old forward missed Denver’s previous game with a wrist injury and entered Wednesday as questionable against the Indiana Pacers.

“I saw JaMychal Green warming up behind you,” Winge noted. “Any word yet on if he’s able to go tonight?”

Lacking prior intel on the question but determined to find an answer, Hastings went straight to the source.

“HEY JAMYCHAL,” Hastings turned to the court and shouted. “You playing?”

Green paused his warmup jumper, looked back at Hastings with a grin, and shook his head ‘no.’ “He’s not playing,” Hastings informed Denver’s pregame audience. “That’s how you do it, I don’t know why you gotta wait for all these letters and stuff, just ask the dude. He said he wasn’t playing.”

If only all investigative journalism and reporting were that easy. Imagine trying to get a similar answer out of an injured player from the New England Patriots?

Despite the injury, the Nuggets were able to overcome Green’s absence and beat Indiana 125-118 for their 46th win of the season Wednesday night.

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