Craig Sager mural

The death of Craig Sager, while tragic, has also been an opportunity to learn and grow from one of the broadcasting world’s best. His passion for life never waned and he became an inspiration for many around the country.

His story isn’t too different from that of Stuart Scott. While Sager worked at TNT, Scott worked at ESPN, amd their impact on the world around them was incredibly similar.

Shortly after Scott’s death, Los Angeles street artist Jonas Never remembered his life with an amazing, sprawling mural.

It only makes sense that after Sager’s unfortunate passing, he would join Scott on that same wall.

It’s a powerful quote, next to an even more powerful image. The two will be side by side on the wall for the foreseeable future.


Two legends, side by side. You can see all of Jonas’ work here. He has also done outstanding murals for Loyola Marymount, Vin Scully, and Tupac.

Sager’s legacy won’t soon be forgotten, and these type of tributes ensure that he will stay in the public’s consciousness. They are small, but important, gestures that help encapsulate the beauty of the man.

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