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Colin Cowherd’s response to LeBron James and JJ Redick’s pushback of his backwards hat theory might be his magnum opus.

If you’re reading this, odds are you hate Cowherd’s long-running theory that you can’t be a good quarterback or really a good anything other than a general laborer if you wear your hat backwards. You hate it because it’s a terrible take. But it’s one that Cowherd won’t let die, and Thursday afternoon, he did a masterful job of playing up the bit.

During his Wednesday Fox Sports Radio show, Cowherd dismissed JJ Redick as a potential NBA head coach because the ESPN analyst wore his hat backwards while taping Mind the Game with co-host LeBron James. Redick responded to Cowherd’s take with “LOL,” while LeBron chimed in with pictures of NBA coaches and executives wearing their hats backwards. Thursday afternoon, Cowherd relished the attention.

“If I have to be the mean guy that starts the national dialogue on standards, so be it,” Cowherd said. “We can’t trust our politicians. Have you seen the three people we have running for president? Yikes. I won’t be part of that. As America’s honesty broker, sometimes I talk about stuff you don’t want to hear, but need to hear and I’m sad to say I’m getting a lot of pushback on this as LeBron and JJ Redick lashed out at me. Ok, I’ll take it. That’s fine. Standards are standards. If not me, then who raises this serious issue?”

Peter Vecsey?

“I’ve started a national dialogue,” Cowherd continued. “We’ll go back and forth on this. God bless me, and God bless America…But JJ Redick’s got a great future. To turn your life around, you have to first turn your hat around.”

That might be a terrible take and useless advice, but more importantly, it was one epic performance from Cowherd. No other sports radio host can take Redick in a backwards hat during a podcast and mold it into a monologue where they summon the presidential election and laud themselves as “America’s honesty broker.”

Yesterday, Cowherd’s terrible take that won’t die seemed forced and tired. Today, it was the backbone behind one of Cowherd’s best performances.

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