Shannon Sharpe at Lakers game

Shannon Sharpe had himself a Sunday. The Fox Sports host sat courtside through a brutal Los Angeles Lakers loss, and he was trolled by Patrick Beverley and mocked by Chicago Bulls analyst Stacey King.

With seconds remaining during Chicago’s victory in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon, Beverley turned to Sharpe and held his nose to signal the Lakers stink.  Beverley had a lot of trash talk leading up to the game, with the contest marking his return to Los Angeles after the Lakers dealt him away at last month’s trade deadline. Sharpe, meanwhile, is a Lakers fanatic and a staunch LeBron James defender, forced to battle with notorious LeBron-hater Skip Bayless every morning on Fox Sports.

Better than the interaction between Beverley and Sharpe, however, was the response from longtime Bulls analyst Stacey King, whose calls regularly remind fans that he’s one of the most energetic and entertaining broadcasters in the league. After Beverley taunted the Fox Sports host, King shocked the broadcast with an epic Sharpe impression.

“Skeup, Skeup!” King exclaimed, pretending to be Sharpe calling for Skip Bayless’ attention. “I’m gonna tell you somethin’, that was uncalled for what Patrick Beverley did to me at the Lakers game. I’m gonna tell you something, Skip. Skip, Skip! I’m a hall-of-famer, Skip. I’m a hall-of-famer, Skip!”

There’s no way that was the first time King tried out his Sharpe impression. That bit was something the former Chicago Bulls center must have had in the works, and Sunday was the perfect opportunity to unveil it.

It was the second time this season that Sharpe had an interaction with a player, although this one was to no fault of his own. In January, it was Sharpe who was taunting members of the Memphis Grizzlies, sparking an altercation that nearly turned physical. Sunday afternoon, however, Sharpe appeared to let Beverley have his fun without adding fuel to the fire.

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