The Chicago Bulls honored Toni Kukoc on Saturday. The Croatian basketball star spent seven seasons with the Bulls, winning three NBA Championships, and averaging 14 points, four rebounds, and four assists, and he was recently inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. It was a cordial and pleasant celebration of one of the franchise’s most famous players.

It was not, however, the last time someone would try to honor Kukoc on the evening, and the latter time didn’t go quite as cordially.

During the Bulls postgame show on NBC Sports Chicago with Jason Goff and Kendall Gill, an overzealous fan decided to interrupt the broadcast by showing off the Kukoc jersey he was wearing, and, well, he got the reception he deserved.

The best part? Goff chimed in on social media afterward to comment on the “interaction.”

The NBC Sports Chicago host appreciated the moment so much he even made it his new Twitter profile pic.

The hard work that the crew put in also caught the eye of others on social media, who wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Hopefully, lessons were learned. Also, it was nice that the whole incident was essentially harm-free, except that we’re guessing that fan might not be welcomed back to the set, or possibly even the United Center, anytime soon.


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