The return of the NBA season means the return of Inside the NBA on TNT. On Thursday, following the end of TNT’s NBA doubleheader, Inside the NBA rolled out an edition of “Who He Play For?,” and Charles Barkley put in a disastrous performance, guessing just one of the five players correctly. He also guessed the “Charlotte Bobcats” at one point, and failed at guessing who Ed Davis played for twice…including after being told the correct answer a minute or two earlier.

For the record, the Bobcats officially became the Hornets after the 2013-14 season (and the team announced the pending name change five and a half years ago), so it’s not as if this is a recent development.

Sure, there are a lot of players in the NBA, and the five players mentioned in this segment aren’t exactly household names…but you’d think one of the league’s most prominent analysts would be able to nail these down, right?

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