Charles Barkley on TNT in April 2023. Charles Barkley on TNT in April 2023.

Charles Barkley earns a nice living being an outspoken analyst for the NBA on TNT.

He seemingly always has something controversial, colorful, or crazy to say on the air.

Barkley was in rare form Wednesday night on the pregame show before the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers Game 5 matchup.

First, he absolutely trashed Memphis forward Dillon Brooks. The Grizzlies star made headlines last week when he trash-talked LeBron James during Game 2, then called him “old” after the game.

“You can’t talk all that noise and then play bad,” Barkley said. “You calling people ‘old’ and the old man is just kicking your ass … Let’s be honest about it.”

That’s vintage Barkley, calling it as he sees it. He was just getting started, as the TNT studio crew turned their attention to the final game on the NBA Playoffs slate Wednesday night. The Golden State Warriors are 2-point favorites against the Sacramento Kings in that game.

Barkley vehemently disagreed.

“The Kings are gonna whoop their ass tonight. Guarantee it! Guarantee it!” an animated Barkley said. “It ain’t gonna be close. Not gonna be close… The Kings are gonna blow the Warriors out tonight.”

Barkley finished his proclamation by shouting, “GUARANTEED!”

Love him or hate him — and there are plenty of people on both sides of the Barkley fence — no one ever watches him and thinks, “If only Charles would speak up now and then.”

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