Charles Barkley doesn’t mind calling out anyone. We all know by now that “Chuck” has a unique way of doing things whether it’s on Inside the NBA or another sports media platform. And he often gets on his soapbox on TNT, letting others in the industry have it, whether he’s joking or not.

Barkley’s guarantees often fall short of the mark. He’s notorious for not being the most trusted source when it comes to predictions. But in this instance, we’ll have to give credit where credit is due. Barkley correctly guaranteed that the Celtics would win on Thursday night—Boston won Game 5 decisively, 110-97– and that he would be seeing Dan Le Batard and family in Miami for Game 6.

Well, he didn’t exactly say it as gracefully as that.

“Fat Dan Le Batard and your fat daddy —sweet Miss Lourdes— I’ll see you Saturday. GUARANTEED.”

The Le Batard boys had a pretty clever response, though not denying anything Barkley said.

A native of Miami, Le Batard can be a bit of a homer when it comes to supporting his team, especially the Miami Heat. That’s why he and his father were in the direct line of fire when Barkley made his comments prior to Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

While his comments were a bit crass—that’s who Charles Barkley is—it appears that it was all in good fun. The clip has been retweeted onto the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz feed. And while all tweets from that account come from social media coordinator JuJu Gotti, unless signed otherwise, Le Batard will likely address the tongue-in-cheek remark on his show.

And he and his father will be seeing Barkley in South Beach for Game 6 on Saturday.

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