Charles Barkley ranting about Congress on Inside the NBA

Isiah Thomas probably doesn’t mind the occasional shoutout on Inside the NBA, until Charles Barkley sends him to an early grave.

The Detroit Pistons are bad, and they have been for a long time, with just one winning season in the last 15 years. They’re a far cry from the “Bad Boy” Pistons that Thomas led to two championships more than 30 years ago.

And while watching highlights of the Pistons losing their 45th game of the season Thursday night on Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley attempted to describe how frustrating it must be for Thomas to watch Detroit turn into one of the league’s most inept franchises. Thomas is still with us to be able to watch the Pistons’ demise, but Barkley didn’t seem so sure.

“I tell you what, boy. Isiah Thomas is rolling over in his grave watching these Pistons play,” Barkley declared.

Known for being a bit of a brash goofball on-air, Barkley often plays into his lack of NBA acumen despite being an NBA analyst. It’s oddly part of his charm. But he has to know Thomas isn’t living in a grave.

If the Pistons don’t right the ship by the time Thomas croaks, he probably will be rolling over in his grave. But at 61 years old, Isiah Thomas is alive and well. Clearly, Barkley knows this, but maybe he doesn’t know “rolling over in his grave” is not a phrase used for living people.

Barkley’s Inside the NBA co-hosts, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith let the gaffe slide, Shaquille O’Neal was out sick or else he may have highlighted the error.

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