Charles Barkley James Harden was ejected for hitting a player in the groin and Joel Embiid wasn’t for kicking someone there, Charles Barkley weighed in.

The Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Brooklyn Nets in Game 3 of the series between the two teams on Wednesday night, taking a commanding 3-0 lead. The game included a pair of controversial rulings. One of those went the way of the 76ers, the other did not. When the game was over, Charles Barkley weighed in — as only he can.

In the opening minutes of the game, Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid kicked Brooklyn’s Nic Claxton, who was standing over him. The kick was in the direction of Claxton’s groin. Despite that, Embiid was not ejected.

In the third quarter, 76ers star James Harden got open by hitting Royce O’Neale in the groin. While it didn’t look like incidental contact, it also didn’t look any worse than Embiid’s play. Quite the opposite, in fact. Despite that, Harden was ejected.

As the game was broadcast on TNT, it was a natural talking point for the Inside the NBA crew, meaning Charles Barkley got to weigh in. He did just that, in spectacular fashion.

Barkley was initially more measured than normal, saying “I want to see it again before I say something.”

Ernie Johnson then narrated the play, saying Harden hit O’Neale with “a shot to the groin.” That’s when Barkley took over.

“See, the key to this play is, Ernie, you can’t hit him in the groin, you gotta kick him in the groin. Then you won’t get tossed. If you kick him, you can get away with it.”

Johnson then clarified, “Because if you kick him, you get a Flagrant 1 instead.”

Barkley then came through with his masterpiece.

“That’s exactly right. So, kids at home, do not hit guys in their junk. Kick ’em in the junk.”

That led to audible laughter coming from the rest of the set, off-camera.

And really, if that line doesn’t belong on a fortune cookie, nothing does.

[Photo Credit: TNT]

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