Brian Scalabrine, who does commentary for the Celtics on NBC Sports Boston, ripped the officials for an ejection of Jaylen Brown. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Boston Brian Scalabrine criticized the decision to eject Jaylen Brown from Friday’s game against the Knicks. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Boston

While the Boston Celtics defeated the New York Knicks on Friday night, they had to finish the game without one of their best players, Jaylen Brown. Brown was ejected in the fourth quarter, something NBC Boston’s Brian Scalabrine was not happy about.

Brown received a pair of quick technical fouls. The first came for arguing a foul called against him. The second came as Brown was on the bench.

Scalabrine took issue with the second technical, in particular.

“They just booted him? From the bench? Come on,” a frustrated Scalabrine said after Brown was ejected. “The guy’s on the bench. He’s not in your face. He’s not stepping to you. I don’t know why you gotta throw him out like that.”

After seeing a replay with the camera focused on Brown and what he said while on the bench, Scalabrine doubled down.

“Come on. That’s not a second tech. No way. No way. That’s not worth a guy getting thrown out of a game for.”

Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokić was recently thrown out of a game against the Detroit Pistons. George Blaha, despite being Detroit’s play-by-play man, ripped the officials for the decision to eject Jokić. This time, though, the other team’s announcers were more in line with the officials. MSG’s Kenny Albert and particularly Walt “Clyde” Frazier did little to object to Brown’s ejection.

[Photo Credit: NBC Sports Boston]

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