Brian Windhorst on First Take

Brian Windhorst did what he does best Friday morning on ESPN, report on NBA trade rumors and make memes.

It started on Get Up, with Windhorst questioning why Marc Lasry agreed to sell his ownership stake in the Milwaukee Bucks during the season. Why is that? What’s going on in Milwaukee? According to Windhorst, a “thundercloud” is on the horizon, that’s what’s going on in Milwaukee.

Windhorst continued connecting the dots on First Take, where an elated Stephen A. Smith began to realize ESPN’s senior NBA writer might be forecasting a thundercloud that will eventually cause Giannis Antetokounmpo to end up with the New York Knicks. It wouldn’t be an NBA offseason without the Knicks going stargazing.

“Is Giannis going to extend?” Windhorst asked on First Take. “I don’t know. And that uncertainty is what the league is watching right now. The New York Knicks, for example, they got 97 percent of their attention on the Miami Heat, three percent of their attention on Milwaukee. What’s going on over there?”

This is starting to feel eerily similar to Windhorst’s dot-connecting last summer when he had the entire NBA world on the edge of its seat as he suggested paying attention to the Utah Jazz and Rudy Gobert. Hours after he waved his fingers around and encouraged everyone to ask, “Why is that…what’s going on in Utah?” the Jazz sent Gobert to Minnesota. Windhorst’s finger waving became an instant meme and his prophecy has since turned into a sort of folklore.

As Windhorst encourages the NBA world to ask questions again, this time about Giannis and Milwaukee, it’s fair to wonder how long before his Friday morning hand motions become another meme and Antetokounmpo becomes the toast of New York.

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