Brian Scalabrine and Eddie House

Former NBA guard Eddie House was on the call for a recent Boston Celtics game, and he quickly made his presence known in the first half.

Usually, House is in studio as an analyst for the Celtics on NBC Sports Boston. But Friday night, he was courtside calling the game alongside play-by-play voice Mike Gorman and former teammate Brian Scalabrine. After Celtics’ center Al Horford was called for a foul while trying to set a pick for Jayson Tatum, House took issue with the violation and ripped his headset off to inform the official of his gripe.

NBC Sports Boston shared the above view of House airing his grievances after the fact. But here’s how it looked and sounded live on the TV network.

“Come on now!” House hilariously yelled. “For the greater good of the game! Nobody came here to see the ref blow the whistle and call offensive fouls. Let them play!”

After House briefly ignored the fact that he was sitting courtside as a game analyst, Scalabrine offered his former teammate some broadcasting advice.

“You can’t be a fan and a broadcaster at the same time,” Scalabrine said with a laugh, “We can do it on-air, but you can’t yell at him like that.”

That’s some bold advice coming from Scalabrine, a broadcaster who is routinely considered to be a relentless homer. But even he recognizes that taking off your headset to yell at the ref may have crossed a line.

Sports broadcasting is littered with homers, especially in the NFL where radio analysts are often former players who have no chill. See Scott Zolak with the Patriots or Dave Lapham with the Bengals as examples. But they’re usually tucked in a broadcast booth far away from the action. NBA announcers uniquely sitting courtside is what allows for amazing moments like Kevin Harlan jinxing Steph Curry or Eddie House yelling at a referee.

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