It was only a little bit ago that we saw the Lakers pick up the trophy for their NBA Championship win. The new NBA season has begun once again, having started on the 22nd December 2020, bettors are of course, lining up to make their fortune from the new games and players’ fate that unfold within games. This season is most likely going to offer so many more unpredictable moments, especially with the crazy past year we have had. The more pleasant surprises we see on the court, the better.

Of course, being that there are so many predictions already for the new season, it will be a question of where you will need to go, to place your bets. If you are looking for the best betting sites, you can find them, where all the best betting options, predictions and types are live and currently being consistently updated.

Predictions and things to consider

The current predictions from experts of NBA betting, is that there will be sloppy basketball in the first month of the season. The reason being is, it is always the case for NBA players to need some time to get back into the flow of the game. Also with the festive season, it is often pretty hard to shake it off, as it is a period we are all guilty of slowing down in, right? Nevertheless, the Lakers and other teams who played in the final days leading up to the off season, will of course be far more physically fatigued, than other teams such as Sacramento Kings, who only played 290 days before the off-season. They had plenty of time to rest.

Of course, this narrative is one that actually is very often the case, affecting a player’s performance. Even LeBron said how he will Load manage this present season, to ensure that players will be playing as smart as possible. Since the season has been shortened and all 72 games will be played more back to back, we can expect more players to be fatigued and tired, which will ultimately affect their performance. Therefore, the betting community will need to make sure that they keep an eye out for all these factors and integrate it within their betting strategy for the NBA 2022 season.

There will also be a risk of transmission and contracting COVID too, for all players participating within the season. While players will be going through frequent tests to and from different games, if one player gets the virus, it will affect all and of course the game that commences leading up to the diagnosis. So, the biggest tip for 2022, is to certainly keep up to date with the news. That is your friend during the time of making predictions and investing within different betting options.

Currently the latest NBA events covered and Lopsided NBA Championship Odds with 10CRIC sports bet in India are as follows:

  • Lakers +250
  • Bucks +600
  • Nets +600
  • Clippers +650

Odds makers believe that the current short season and condensed calendar/gameplay, will allow for betting surprises. The title chase may seem top-heavy at this current time, however with COVID impacting the roster of teams potentially, in addition to the dynamic of a team’s gameplay, this will of course affect the overall advantage that the favorite teams will have on court.

Many betting odds makers now believe that punters should see the value in teams like the Warriors, Nuggets and the Sixers, because they will be most likely unaffected by condensed season. The odds are always higher for teams that often make it to the top of the points table, yet these uncertain times mean that anyone really could take advantage and come in when we least expect. These unpredictable situations can account for anything and religious bettors should take note from now, as to the huge impact these differences can make to the final results of the games themselves.

Basketball Tips

So now to the betting conditions and factors that you need to take note of when you place a bet for the NBA Season 2022.

The top betting options that punters will often go for, include the Money Line, Point Spread and Game Totals. Of course, a hard-core gambler would already know what is at stake and the things to look out for. However, if you are new to this, this is where you definitely need to take note and think about it all for a second.

Bet Types

A Money Line for those that are unsure is essentially a straight out win for the team. This probably is the most straightforward betting option to consider when you first begin. A Point Spread is where the team will need to outscore the handicap that they have been given by the odds. If there is a -4 Point Spread for example, the team would need to score and win by 5 to secure you the win. The Game Totals is of course as you would expect, this bet is a stake into believing the total number of points scored by the team. If you see a line of 216.50 for example, you would need to bet 217 at least to ensure the win of your bet.

Keep a look out for player performance and history 

As we mentioned above, in this critical time to the season 2022, you will need to make sure you know what each player attributes to the team, their fitness status and current gameplay performance. In addition to this, there will always be favorites that are listed to win by the bookmakers, so by looking at the performances from past seasons and understanding the percentages of home and away favorites, you should come to some conclusions along the process of your research.

Make your own spreads 

By making your own spreads, you will find that you will build an opinion of how you believe the games and season is going. Then when you have made your decision, compare your opinion with the bookmaker’s actual spreads and handicaps of the game. It is definitely a great learning process that you will soon come to develop and hit very closely to what the bookies tend to list. This is of course the fact you keep up to date with the media and game environment (player fitness, current performance etc.).

The spreads that are the most different to the bookie could be a good hunch to go for, in terms of taking the plunge to actually make the bet. Providing you have reasonable evidence to back you up alongside a hunch, this could possibly provide the best value to you and your experience betting.

Keep up to date with bookie tipsters

Bookie Tipsters will always have a hunch of where a game could possibly go. They have been in the game for a very long time, so through experience they know exactly what to say and where. For that reason, by paying attention to what they say, you could find yourself on to something in the end.

Tipsters always do hold a series of tips and game evaluations, especially after a game has been played, with their predictions of how a player will contribute to the next games, with technicalities on the court. So, have your pen and book at the ready, because it is definitely worth paying attention to those small details. They do contribute to making the whole picture after all, don’t they?