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Technology is taking over the world, and on its way, it’s creating an advanced way for you (yes, you!) to get involved in the NBA.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently demonstrated a way to essentially scan an individual, create an avatar — and then BAM, you’re playing in a legit game via the NBA App as part of the league’s virtual reality initiative.

Silver used the assistance of former NFL wide receiver turned broadcaster Ahmad Rashad in this demo.

Watch as Silver scans Rashad and has him literally playing in a game:

Purple shirt and all.

“This will be in a live game, you will be inserted into the game, you’ll be making all the same movements he was, but it’ll look like it’s your body,” Silver tells Rashad.

Do you want to be able to go head-to-head with Kevin Durant? You can do that.

Or Giannis:

LeBron James? Sure, why not.

The is just part of the latest technology that has been adding ways the NBA has been moving forward to provide content to fans in innovative ways.

According to a news release from Facebook back in January, the NBA and the WNBA expanded their partnerships with Meta Quest, one of the bigger virtual reality companies that continue to advance in social technology.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Beyond the in-game possibilities, Meta said fans can watch NBA, WNBA, G League and 2K League games and content on XTADIUM and Meta Horizon Worlds. They’re also planning to launch more than 50 live NBA games in VR on Meta Quest with 180-degree virtual reality.


As far as the future goes, fans will be able to consume more of the content with an NBA League Pass subscription through the NBA app.

How are fans responding? Well, so far, it appears fans are intrigued by the new addition, but hopefully, this means the OG version of the app gets some of the bugs fixed.

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has been an advocate for such technological advances. He remains acting accordingly.

The other features include celebrity broadcasters, access to game highlights, recaps and historical content.

The NBA App is full of already innovative content including NBA HooperVision which highlights the game and pop culture, NBABet Stream which has contributors providing the latest betting information to those who want to place a wager, and NBA Strategy Stream which dives deep into advanced analytics.

The NBA continues to move forward.

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