On Monday, the Golden State Warriors announced the return of their Run TMC uniforms for the 2022-23 season.

And on Tuesday, RTG Features and Mandalay Sports Media announced that a documentary on the Run TMC Warriors was in pre-production, with David Charles Rodrigues (director of Netflix’s Neymar The Perfect Chaos) serving as director and Mason Gordon (who has many producer credits on sports projects, including The Last Dance and the somewhat recently announced George Gervin doc) serving as a producer.

Led by Hall of Fame coach Don Nelson, Run TMC showcased “Nellie Ball” and ushered in the modern NBA, setting the table for the present-day Warriors dynasty. While the two brief seasons (1989-1991) Hardaway, Richmond and Mullin played together didn’t yield any championships, it birthed life-long friendships. Flipping the traditional sports doc on its head, this film is a three-man weave that combines basketball, hip-hop, the Bay Area and late-’80s / early-’90s nostalgia. The yet-to-be-named doc is currently in pre-production, with shooting scheduled for later this year when Hardaway is inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, joining Mullin (2011) and Richmond (2014) who were previously inducted. All three won Olympic gold medals playing for USA Basketball as well.

The feature-length documentary will be directed by David Charles Rodrigues (Neymar: The Perfect Chaos, Gay Chorus Deep South), and produced by Mason Gordon of MSM (The Last Dance), with RTG Features acting as the studio. The film was developed by recent Emmy Award nominees Coodie & Chike (jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, A Kid From Coney Island, Benji) in partnership with RTG; they will also serve as executive producers. 

RTG Features is responsible for the Ja Morant Promiseland docuseries, while MSM has been involved in plenty of sports projects, including The Last Dance and the ongoing Derek Jeter docuseries The Captain.

As it always is with these projects, I think its success will come down to access, footage, and outlet. If this project can get plenty of relevant interviews, the necessary archival content, and lands on a well-distributed service (be it ESPN, Amazon, HBO, or another similarly placed entity), it could be a winner.

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