Even during training, mixed martial arts can be very rough and physical. It’s not uncommon to get some bruises out there even after taking every precaution but it can be incredible exercise and a great way to get in shape. Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer helped create the Unbreakable Performance Center, a private training center located in Hollywood meant to get anyone who sets foot in there at peak performance.

One of those people is pop star Demi Lovato and she showed what she could do by accidentally knocking out one of Glazer’s teeth during a sparring session. Lovato didn’t mean to do it and Glazer was wearing his mouthpiece at the time but that can sometimes happen if one attempts to get on the other end of a Lovato beatdown.

While it might be bad for an on-air TV person like Glazer to have a tooth knocked out, he took it in stride. It seems like that comes with the territory and in fact, Glazer seemed more proud of Lovato for knocking his tooth out than anything. Glazer noted on his own Instagram post that he “crazy glued” his tooth back in which I’m hoping was just temporary until Glazer was able to get to a dentist.

Lovato has been open in recent years about her struggles with mental illness as well as drugs and relapsing after going into rehab. It seems like MMA training is a way to not only get in shape but potentially stay sober as well. And the way it goes, she might be able to step in the octagon for a fight. Not too many pop stars would be able to say that.

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