YES Network rewards

The YES Network app will now be rewarding its users.

Per a Thursday release, YES is partnering with LiveLike to offer a loyalty rewards program in its app. Users can earn points by watching content and playing games in the app. Points can then be cashed in for gift cards.

Here’s more from the release.

As part of “YES Rewards,” fans earn points based on the number of games and other YES App programs they watch, the amount of time spent engaged with that content, and how frequently they engage with the YES App’s innovative features such as Pick-N-Play and Pick-N-Play Live.

There are a variety of ways fans can earn “YES Rewards” points that are redeemable for gift cards, including:

 -Signing up for a YES App account

 -Watching live Yankees games (and Nets and Liberty games in the future)

 -Watching other YES App programming, including The Michael Kay Show or one of the app’s exclusive lifestyle shows such as Home Plate: New York

 -Playing the YES App’s Pick-N-Play and Pick-N-Play Live games

Rewards will be available for users who log in with their cable or satellite provider information and those who have purchased a YES DTC subscription.

This isn’t a bad perk for regular app users and might even draw some people in if the loyalty thresholds aren’t too high. If you’re already consuming the content, why not get rewarded?

As for YES, the worst-case scenario is that the redemption threshold is too low, and the company loses money before changing course and increasing the points needed to earn gift cards. The best case would be increased app usage and interaction, making the app more valuable to the company in the future. Launching rewards is a wise, low-risk decision from YES, and I’m surprised it took so long for a sports app to tackle something like this.

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