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It’s been 14 seasons since the New York Yankees won a World Series. That’s not much for most Major League Baseball franchises, but given their history and payroll, expectations are different for the Bronx Bombers.

Even though the Yankees have made the playoffs every season since 2017, there are a lot of growing frustrations amongst fans, especially as the 2023 MLB season has been fairly mediocre by New York standards. While a 40-33 record isn’t shabby, it’s only currently good for third place in the American League East and puts the team on the fringe of the playoff picture.

Considering how massive the Yankees’ payroll is, there isn’t much room for excuses or explanations as to why they’re not leading the league in wins or dominating on a daily basis.

One person who doesn’t seem to be aware of any of this is Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner. George’s son called into The Michael Kay Show on Wednesday and offered up some rather tone-deaf comments about the state of the team and fan frustrations while also admiring that he doesn’t pay attention to any of the media coverage around the ballclub.

“I don’t listen to podcasts. I don’t listen to radio shows. I don’t read the papers much. I just don’t,” said Steinbrenner. “But I wanna know what the vibe is out there and I understand they’re upset. I’m a little confused this year, being third week in June, why they’re so upset, but they’re upset and that’s gonna get my attention of course. Everybody just needs to know we’re working hard on all fronts to get this back on the rails and start playing the way we were for a couple week period in May.”

It’s certainly not on the level of Phil Castellini asking “Where you gonna go?” of Cincinnati Reds fans, but the last thing Yankees fans want to hear from the owner of their franchise is that he wasn’t previously aware they were upset with the state of the team before condescendingly chiding them for being upset early in the season.

If the Yankees fall short in the playoffs this year or fail to make the playoffs altogether, he’ll dream of the days when fans were upset in June.

Also, if he’s not listening to podcasts, reading newspapers, or listening to the radio, we’re a little concerned about how Steinbrenner is getting information on a daily basis.

Naturally, plenty of Bronx faithful were not thrilled with the comments, with some inferring that Hal’s dad would be rolling in his grave if he heard him talk like that.

Steinbrenner isn’t the only Yankees official to get testy about media concerns this week. Manager Aaron Boone got worked up during his recent appearance on the Talkin’ Yanks podcast when one of his managerial decisions was questioned.

Yankees brass might not like all the criticism, but if they don’t put the pieces together soon, they ain’t heard nothing yet.

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