Aaron Nola pitching against the White Sox. Aaron Nola pitching against the White Sox. (NBC Sports Network Chicago.)

At just 3-18 and having scored just 45 runs on the season, the Chicago White Sox are Major League Baseball’s worst team by a comfortable margin at the moment.

With everything going so poorly to start the season, even their announcers have started looking towards other teams to try and help the club get better.

In Sunday’s series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies, Phillies ace Aaron Nola committed a pitch clock violation, resulting in a hilarious reaction from the Chicago broadcast team.

“Well that’s terrible, I believe you should trade him after the game for that violation. Trade him to the Sox,” longtime color commentator Steve Stone said as he chuckled. “We would definitely take him,” play-by-play man John Schriffen added.

The duo had another humorous moment earlier in the inning, as a flyout to outfielder Brandon Marsh resulted in Marsh throwing the ball into the crowd after catching a flyout. The only problem was it was the second out of the inning, not the third. Thankfully for Marsh, no one was on base so the error didn’t cost the team.

“We need some of those breaks to go our way,” Schriffen said. “Can he do that when there are runners on base?” He added.

Stone, who has been around baseball ever since his 1971 debut with the San Francisco Giants, attempted to reassure Schriffen and White Sox fans, saying, “Eventually, you have to figure the luck will turn around.”

[Nick Piccone]