David Ortiz is saying goodbye to Vin Scully.

The Los Angeles Dodgers held a touching tribute for the soon-to-be retired Ortiz on Friday, presenting the Red Sox slugger with a $10,000 check to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund. The club also showed a video presentation on Ortiz’s career and charitable endeavors narrated by the iconic Vin Scully.

On Sunday, before his last game at Dodger Stadium, Ortiz visited the legendary broadcaster, who’s also retiring at the season’s end, to thank him for the tribute.

Ortiz got into the broadcast booth, where Scully greeted him with an incredible compliment.

Scully: “I must tell you this, I have respected with great admiration for the human being that you are.”

Ortiz: “It’s my pleasure, it’s my honor.” 

Oritz: “We all love you. We’re all going to miss you,” 

Scully: “We’re going to miss you!”

It’s a touching video. The two baseball greats share admiration for one another for their numerous accomplishments on-and-off the field. Seeing Scully and Ortiz express such jubilation makes the heart skip a beat.

The video of the meeting ends with Ortiz discussing how much he was going to miss Scully, saying “we are going to love him, we’re going to miss him. The greatest.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Baseball won’t be the same once the duo retire. Thankfully, we can still enjoy Scully and Ortiz until they’re officially retired.

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