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Vin Scully’s time in the broadcast booth is unfortunately winding down, but that doesn’t mean the legendary Dodgers broadcaster doesn’t have some great calls still to make.

During the fourth inning of Friday’s San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Dodgers game, spectators ran onto the field, apparently to try to hand out flowers. Scully didn’t miss a beat, calling out the fans for “trying to steal the moment” and “slow down the game.” Then, in appropriate Scully fashion, he made a whale of a call when Giants outfielder Angel Pagan bodyslammed one of the intruders.

“They got one of them in right field, and the other one is nailed down by Pagan in left field. Oh ho, and the crowd loved that. He went up to do something with Angel Pagan, who immediately grabbed him and slammed him to the ground … The crowd really applauding a little law enforcement.”

After that, Scully went on to reference the 60s and flower children:

After that, the broadcast showed an umpire picking up a flower that was dropped by one of the fans, and Scully delightfully says, “Offering a flower, doesn’t that bring you back to the ’60s and the flower children? Oh what? You don’t remember the ’60s? OK.”

As the players prepare to start the game again after that fiasco, Buster Posey is shown chatting with Kiké Hernandez. Scully has something wonderful to say about that too.

“Posey explaining to Kiké Hernandez two guys coming out on the field and offering flowers,” Scully says. “I guess you could say only in San Francisco, maybe.”

I’m not entirely sure what the stupid stunt was about, but hearing Vin Scully call the idiocy is going to be missed greatly once he retires from the broadcast booth. Scully’s calm call of the play is more entertaining than the action itself. It’s why fans adore him so much. 

I’m glad the fan decided to run on the field since it gave us possibly one last chance to hear Scully make something absolutely ridiculous poetic. He’s the best in the business, and with just two broadcasts remaining, we should cherish every call he makes.

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