To be fair, considering play-by-play announcer Victor Rojas was calling a Los Angeles Angels game in Anaheim in which the Angels were the road team, we’re gonna give him a mulligan on Saturday night’s snafu.

The Angels and Houston Astros played a doubleheader on Saturday in Angel Stadium but the twist was that the second game was a make-up for a canceled Houston home game. So while the Angels were the home team like normal in game one, they were the road team in game two.

The first game, which included Mike Trout’s 300th home run, was won by the Angels, 10-9. In the second game, the Angels found themselves down 6-4 in the 7th inning when Anthony Rendon stepped to the plate. Now, remember, this game is being played in Anaheim, the Angels are wearing their alternate red jerseys, and the Astros are wearing road greys. So when Rendon slams the first pitch to left field for a three-run homer that gave LA the lead, and the fake crowd noise came alive, you can understand by Rojas got caught up in the moment and called it a walk-off game-winner.

To his credit, Rojas immediately realized the situation.

“OH MAN,…I hate this doubleheader visiting stuff…they will have walked off when they close it out.”

Lucky for him, the Angels did close things out when they took that 7-6 lead into the bottom of the 9th, and reliever Ty Buttrey shut down the Astros for the win. Not a walk-off, but, hey, you take’m however you can get’m.

Rojas then took to Twitter to head off the comments he knew were coming…

Ya know what’s cool? During most difficult of seasons, @angels fans are laughing & enjoying tonight. It’s why I love our fan base. I’d rather screw up having fun doing what I love & than mail it in. Now if the boys come out wearing road grays tomorrow, I’m toast. #Cheers

The Angels and Astros close out the series on Sunday. No word yet on what kind of uniform or home-field curveball they plan on throwing at Rojas this time.


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