The Minnesota Twins dropped three games to the Cleveland Guardians in their five-game series this week. While that’s not catastrophic, that includes back-to-back losses on walk-off home runs, and Twins announcer Dick Bremer sounded like he’s had enough.

On Wednesday, Cleveland and Minnesota were tied at three at the end of regulation. In the top of the 10th, the Twins scored three and took a seemingly insurmountable 6-3 lead. However, Cleveland scored two runs before Josh Naylor stepped to the plate with a runner on and hit a walk-off homer to seal the comeback victory. He then celebrated, well, quite a lot, which wasn’t Bremer’s favorite thing to watch.

“Fly ball deep left field,” Bremer uttered on his Bally Sports North broadcast. “Gordon looks up. Gone.” Then, after 18 seconds, he added “Another bullpen meltdown for the Twins, another one-run Cleveland win over the Twins.”

Fast forward to Thursday night and the Twins lead 3-1 going into the ninth inning. Again, the Guardians put on a late comeback and this time it was Andres Gimenez with the game-winning, walk-off home run. With the call, it sounds like the home run, and the series itself stole a bit of Bremer’s soul.

“I think we’ve had enough…of the Cleveland Guardians,” said Bremer, or what is left of him.

Unfortunately for Bremer, the Twins and Guardians have eight more games against one another this season. The good news is that they’re not until September, so he’s got some time to repair whatever hole they ripped in his soul before then. However, given that Minnesota and Cleveland may be battling for a division crown or playoff spot, Bremer’s woes might just be getting started.

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